Dating egypcian women

21-Oct-2016 19:34

Dating outside your ethnicity often means you don’t have to worry about adhering to outdated cultural norms.

“Well if you’ve been physical with me, how do I know you haven’t been physical with other dudes?

WOMEN’S LEGAL RIGHTS An Egyptian woman’s legal rights were far-reaching.

A woman could own and sell property, and could enter into any kind of legal contract.

It’s kind of an obsession we have in the Arab community, well one of many at least, but curiosity over each others’ love lives drives afternoon tea gossip with Arab mothers around the globe.

However, one that seems to strike everyone, even baffle them is the fact that Arab women will date outside of their race. For many Arab women the choice to date non-Arabs comes from a variety of reasons, mainly the fact that they’re attracted to that person on a physical, emotional and mental level.

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Having dated both Arab and white men there are looming concerns when it comes to dating Arab guys.

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FEMALE LITERACY Ancient Egypt for most of the three great kingdoms was an agrarian society, and despite the invention of hieroglyphics, only a small percentage of the population worked as scribes.

Illiteracy rates were high for men and higher for women, primarily because there wasn’t a widespread need to read and write.They were free to file a lawsuit or even sue for divorce.